Begin at the beginning

Well, it’s finally happened. After weeks (ok, months) of procrastinating; I’ve created a blog. This one! And it’s about time.

So why now? This. Upon meeting a new person there’s always that inevitable question: “What do you do?” I’ve long grown tired of explaining what I do at my actual job (medical staffing, yawn) so I’ve taken to answering with what I feel I SHOULD be doing. “I write.” Ah, such a simple answer and one that doesn’t have a ring of truth. I can write; it’s why I went to school and why I have a fancy degree from a university saying I can do so passibly. But what is a writer that doesn’t write? A bird that doesn’t fly. That’s right; I’m a penguin. I like penguins, I do, but penguins aren’t going to change the world. They’re going to huddle around with other penguins, shielding themselves from the harsh realities of the outside world, and all around life will pass them by. I don’t want to be a penguin, stuck in one spot balancing an egg on my feet. Writing is my flying, something that helps pull me out of the muck and mire of daily tedium and allows me, if for a moment, to be who I want to be. This blog will be at times self-serving, others self-critical and by and large may still be ignored by the outside world. That’s fine. Right now this blog exists for ME, to put thoughts to page and to exorcise the “can’t do” and replace it with the “must.” 

The goings will be tough, the posts mostly terrible. I plan on writing about anything I so desire so don’t expect any real theme or purpose here…yet. My interests are nerdy and borderline embarrassing, but I embrace my quirks wholeheartedly and can’t wait to share them. I am not a writer; but I want to be. Consider this a small step for me, and a giant leap for, well, still me. Play times over, kids. Time to get to work.



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