Why Not?

Well, that couple times a week promise isn't off to a great start is it? Unfortunately the blog has taken second shrift as of late, due to my new position as a staff writer for comicattack.net (plug–check it out!). While I HAVE been writing (promise!) I do need to keep up with this as well. Luckily, I have the perfect topic for my latest post.

As some of you know, I like Twitter. I'm a frequent poster of all sorts of gibberish and I follow all sorts of other gibberish spouters. Today I happened upon a series of tweets by current Batman artist Greg Capullo (that's right; I follow artists) as he engaged with some fans on a hot button topic. Basically, he made a comment alluding to artistic talent being innate, and not learned. His point was that while anyone can practice drawing, and get better, not everyone can advance their skills to the level of being an artist as an occupation. This statement was met with much derision and claims of “dream crushing,” and Capullo didn't really help himself by getting defensive and pushing back. But the end point remained; not everyone who creates will get to the top, will reach that pinnacle of success. So why bother?

The answer is in the question. Why bother working at honing your skills if you're never going to get the end result? Well, why are you working on it now? Why are you drawing, writing, dancing, designing, living? Money and status are a bonus, sure, but that's not what leads us artistic types to do what we do. We create because we enjoy it, because otherwise there truly is no point. 99% of what I write, I hate. My self confidence is a constant teeter-totter, up and down one second to the next. But the actual act of writing is a joy for me. I love finding unique was to get a point across, to generate/devastate enthusiasm, to give life to the odd thoughts and characters rattling around in my head. Will I be the best? Probably not. But I do the best I can and always try to do better because creating is what I love to do; that's my why.

So I say to those that live to create, the artists and dreamers and thinkers of the world–find your why. Find that spark, that unquenchable desire to do something and, well, do it. Who cares if you're the best. Who cares if you're number one. Just do what you love simply because you love doing it, the rest will work itself out somehow. Don't curb your passion because its hard, don't stifle your creativity because you're lazy. If you have something to show then show it and don't let anyone, especially yourself, hold you back. I was a prisoner of my own self doubt for far too long. I've broken those shackles. Can you?

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